admitted to hospital

hi i was admitted to hospital for stroke and all though no stroke found what they did find is transverse sinus thrombosis and all though i have got lots of other issues i am the main carer to my wife who has mental and health issues we have not had any support through covid period . i have writen of to my local mp about the lack of care for me being a carer , while i was in hospital having all scans etc all my wife got was a well fair call which i found terrible in the way of support …

You need to look at your LA website, search for Adult Services Complaints, and make an online complaint. Be sure to outline your inability to care for your wife, and explain the support you need.

I had to go into hospital for an operation, mentioned i was an unpaid carer to my wife.
Hospital were not bothered but were bothered there had to be someone there at home to keep an eye on me for 48 hours after operation otherwise i couldn’t have the operation.

Hospitals just don’t care about unpaid carers.

i have complained about adult services and hospitals in the way that they treat you on many occassions with nothing done about issues i went through seap and Advocacy as we are based in east sussex uk

Did you make a Formal Complaint through the county Complaints Officer?

i cant see the point of complaining any more as i have made so many complaints over the years and nothing really changes

That doesn’t answer my question!

i have not complained to anyone else about the issues , my wife gets a well fair call every day from life line well being but all though i have just come out of hospital they dont ask about me only my wife so i am invisable

ANY carer is entitled to a Carers Assessment, and as a poorly carer, it is really important that you have one done, and have services to support your caring role.
If this hasn’t happened, then ask for one to be done asap.
If you have been in hospital your might have been entitled to Reablement Care on discharge.
Maybe talk to the CUK helpline about your situation?

thanks for your reply asc will do a assessment so they say but according to asc we are in a que like everyone else , like i have said on many times before on different posts that we got get any support no matter if mental or physical even before covid the care the companys done was ridiculous and now in covid like alot of people have got nothing , there was nothing said about Reablement Care on discharge from hospital and the hospital knew i was a carer

I too am in the same situation, I am a poor health unpaid carer, Social Services knew this but didn’t care.
I was looking after my friend who had paid carers, very unreliable so he had no choice but to rely on me a lot to help.

Despite Meetings and advocacy the situation just didn’t improve and i was never offered any unpaid support.

Myself and my wife both have multiple health issues, we care for each other basically, but despite this are just ineligible for support.

we only get a daily well being call from lifeline there is no phyisical or mental support and yet a full time disabled carer