Hi I'm new here

Hi everyone

I’m Hayley, mum to 3 boys, our youngest aged 4 has refractory epilepsy and global development delay, also going to be looking at checking for autism soon, just looking for local support groups in my area or online to keep me sane ! We’re in amble,Northumberland :smiley: Thanks for reading x

Hi Hayley … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

To keep you going , support groups in Amble :



Amble Carer Support Group

Based at Drywater Arts Centre, The Workshop, Wellwood Street, Amble, NE65 0FG

This group runs on 1st Thursday of the month from 10.30am – 12.00pm

Me thinks … 90 minutes , one day a month is … better than nothing at all ?

Nothing to stop a few meeting more frequently without " Big Brother / Sister " around ?

( Like most out there … you to them rather than them to you … thus excluding lone carers and most who have to rely on
public transport … sheer cost / irregular services ? )

On this forum … say 16 hours daily , every day ( No break for weekends / public holidays ) … someone will always be manning
( Or womaning ? ) the picket lines ?

On the autism side , the NHS web site for guidance :

Getting diagnosed with autism - NHS

What is missing is a very practical problem … just how long from start to finish ?

Curtain call for the infamous post code lottery ???

Hi Hayley

Nice to meet you. I look after Mum with dementia and have 2 smallish children.

Are social services being helpful with support for your little boy? Does he attend school yet?

Thank you to you both for replying, I havent been on the computer for a little while, great i will have a look at the support group in amble thanks

We’re not actively involved with Social services at present, we just have our neurologist, paediatric doctor and epilepsy nurse, along with health visitor x but will query this thankyou

Sally , i used to work in a care home for the elderly , so know exactly how hard it is for people with dementia and people who are supporting them :slight_smile: , i think this will be good for me to chat to others in similar situations as it gets lonely too been a carer doesn’t it sometimes

Hi Hayley, welcome to the forum. I hope you feel at home here. The forum members are a really supportive bunch! You mentioned that you’re looking for a support group in your area. It might be worth using our local carers centre directory on our website here: Support where you live | Carers UK