Hi new here

Hi :wave: everyone. My name is bex im 37. I’m new to this forum. I’m a long term carer for my 14 year old son ( autism and severe anxiety) and to my husband who has arthritis and is in the process of having both hips replaced amongst other health issues like seeing specialists for possible MS. I’m really starting to feel the pressure of long term care and saw this forum advertised. I’m pretty isolated and have lost friends because they think I am stuck in my life, I suppose I am but not through choice. I care because I love them but it’s really getting to me now. Sorry it’s a bit doom and gloom but I’m hoping to chat to others in similar situations.

Hello and welcome.

it can be a lonely road being a carer. It is really important to find some time for yourself. I care for my Mum and until recently my Dad I also have small children.

Can your son and partner be left so you could go out and get some time to yourself? Have you had a carer’s assement?

Hi Enigma and welcome
Many of us on here have, or have had multiple carees. Feel free to add to any thread that takes your interest or add new ones.
We all know that isolated feeling, and that exhausted stressed out carers can’t collapse!
This is a good place to vent or rant, but we do urge everyone to ensure they get a bit of ‘me time’. It’s vital to your well-being. Do you get any?

What are your long term plans for your son? Have you thought about a residential college? My son loved Fairfield Opportunity College near Warminster. Have a look at their website. Small independent colleges are seldom recommended by an LA!

Don’t put your hands down,you born to fight and to leave winner from this fight,just not give up and all will be ok

If you have lost friends though caring. Then they are not true friends in the first place.

Try and join carers groups near you. You will find like minded people. General people seems to think all carers are older and/or retired. Completely, not so there are many younger carers.

You can access several different types of groups. For disabilities that you have already mentioned. A group just for carers etc. The are many opportunities for you to met with like minded people.

I also take many short term college courses. Some can be done at home via computer etc. You can meet lots of carers this way.