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Hey there my name is andrea I’m new to cares uk. I am currently and have been caring for my daughter danielle for 30 years. Danielle has cerebral palsy and epilepsy

Hi Andrea, My son was brain damaged at brith, he is now 41, no mobility problems but a mental age of 3 in some areas, normal in others. It’s a strange mix!
I became ill when he was 16, no option but for him to leave home. First boarding school, then residential college, then residential home. He now has his own privately rented flat with carer support.

Hi Andrea,

I care for my son Tom who’s 29. And 2 older family members. My son has arthritis, a rare eye disease and has autism. He lived in halls of residence for a while when he was at university, then in a flat nearby for a couple of years. He’s in the process of sorting out Supported Housing locally and is living with us meanwhile, and probably until after he’s had a few procedures carried out on his eye (he’s blind in the other eye).

Hi Andrea

Thanks for joining our forum and welcome, you’ve joined us at a very exciting time, Carers Week.

All week we are hosting daily weekly meetups for carers to come together over a cup of tea and have a chat and offer support to each other. We are running them at 3pm daily please have a look at the attached link for more info, we would love if you could join us for a cuppa, it gives carers a chance to take a break, chat to other carers, make new friends and get helpful tips. The sessions last around an hour but you can dip in and out at any point.


There are also online Share and Learn sessions which may be useful for you. Tomorrow we are running one at 11am for an hour on Health and Wellbeing, you can sign up on the above link.

Do join us if you can Andrea, it would be great to see you.

Best wishes


Hi my name is Ally. I am carer for my husband who had a major stroke 2 years ago. I think I have burn out or whatever… My husband is severely disabled, hoisted etc. Private carers come in and however nice they are my home is not mine anymore. Sorry to be a moaning myrtle. I would love to chat with anyone in a similar situation.

Hello and welcome!

I care for my little brother. No cognitive issues as far as I can tell but he has mobility problems coupled with an atypical bladder and bilateral clubfeet too. He is now three years old. We are about to start looking at respite care for him on a part time basis.

Feel free to talk about anything here, no topic is banned or too weird for us. No question is forbidden either.

Hi Ally

We’re hosting online meet ups this week for carers to get together and chat informally, share experiences and tips etc. You’d be most welcome if it felt like joining us. Details are here:


Best wishes