Hi I’m new here

My name is Tracey. I care for my blind disabled mum who has a lot of health issues and my father who has an incurable cancer. I live with them both as well as working. How do I prove I’m a carer if I get stop being out doing vital journeys? Also I’m concerned about not being vaccinated for covid 19 yet. It seems unfair to me carers like myself aren’t getting vaccinated until group six but if we were employed by a care home we would get vaccinated. I’m a school cook so I still have to work to feed key worker children but even with my job there is nothing official to prove I’m doing a key worker job. My gp surgery are not interested apart from saying you are on our carers list
Sorry if it sounds like I’m complaining

Hello Tracey and welcome to the forum.

You aren’t complaining, you’re coping with a lot during a time of difficulty and uncertainty. Getting vaccinated is a concern for most carers.

You don’t say if you get any support with your caring, but it’s important that you get what you can. Have a look through our advice and support pages and check what you’re entitled to:

Best wishes


Hi Tracey,
Welcome to the forum.
Are you getting enough help? You have a huge amount of caring to do.
When did your parents last have a Needs Assessment from Social Services?
When did you last have a Carers Assessment?

Thank you for your reply’s I am managing, I am not after benefits as I said I’m not entitled as I’m working as well. My main ask is is there anything to prove you are a carer for travelling purposes in lockdown and also to go shopping in the times keyworkers employed carers are able to access

It depends on your local council to a great extent. Each council seems to be different. Now, more than ever, this needs to be sorted out. Paid carers all have ID. If you look at other posts, you will see that many of us are concerned about the way we are being generally ignored, even worse during the pandemic.