30 minute tests

Hi, thankyou for letting me join, so nice to finally find somewhere with people in similar yet such different circumstances.
I have been a carer for over 20 years, in all kinds of employment and looked after my dad when he was diagnosed with cancer.
I am now a self employed P.A / carer, I am registered on local authority website under support with confidence, have my own public liability insurance and dbs on the renewal each year.
So, I have asked about both the vaccine and the tests that other companies and agencies are being able to have to be told that ‘as I am not a registered carer for a vulnerable person’ I cannot have the vaccine based on my profession and would have to wait my turn.
I’d like to add, I lost a dear friend last week from covid, she was 59 years young and also a carer/pa on this register with local authority.
Friday we got an email saying we now can get vaccine!?!
But… still no tests
Has anyone got any advice as to who i can contact to try and get us these? I have been told to go to Boots and pay £120 a time!
I know I’m self employed but when companies are giving these tests out at a rate of 2 per week I feel I cannot keep up to the standard I need to to continue doing my job as safely as I could if I had these tests.
Sorry it’s long but I wanted you to get the full picture xx

Hi Leigh

This forum is for unpaid carers.

Sorry I didnt know that meant I couldn’t post

There is no need to apologise!


We provide information and guidance to unpaid carers. This covers a range of subjects including:

Perhaps a moderator can expand on this better.

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