Help - What is best for 88 year old Nan?

My Nan is 88 and had a stroke last year which left her with memory problems and unsteady walking. She also had high blood pressure & other problems so is definitely at risk but needs someone with her 24/7 to prevent accidents, use stair lift etc.

My sister currently lives with her and is her primary carer, however she works part time in hospital so me and my mum take it in turns to care for Nan while she works.
Obviously working in hospital puts my sister at much greater risk of catching/passing the virus and the situation at hospital is getting bad, running out of full PPE etc.
I had to travel to work in central London yesterday, though I’ve just been told I can WFH, my mum is still expected to work in a small office so we could both be carrying the virus.

None of us know what to do for the best, we know if Nan catches it she will suffer. We have no idea how truly contagious it is and how easily we can pass it to Nan.

Would it be better to

arrange a live-in carer to minimise the number of people she interacts with?
remove my sister from caring duties as she is most at risk from working in hospital?
or carry on as normal betwen the 3 of us taking all the precautions washing hands, wiping down etc?

Frankly, it’s a personal choice. Do you feel still providing the care. Gives you the better insight to all safety issues being covered. As to not really knowing or even finding some one to take over. Trusting them to adhere to safety advice.

I can’t now see how we can advice each other. As carers we know our families etc. Would the withdrawal and new introduction of someone new. Give more anxiety!

It’s a very difficult time.

I really think we can only do our best.

Think about reducing the level of hand on contact. Example: if bathing takes place each day. Perhaps reduce it to every other day. Re look at the daily weekly routines and make changes.