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Hi looking for advice. I currently help care for my grandma as she is immobile. She also has carers who attend who do personal care (changing and washing). They have told me today that i cannot go up and prepare meals, make sure she takes medication and do her toe nails (carers wont do this). This is due to coronavirus obviously. I adhere to government guidelines on hand washing as soon as i enter the property, during and after i also disinfectant surfaces and door handles (more than what the care team do as they dont even wash hands on entering property all on cctv).
They stated if i go to the property they will withdraw care.
Firstly can they do this and secondly what rights do i have.

I would bounce said questions off the Carers UK Advice Team.

No thanks to the recent Coronavirus Bill , the ball game as to any " Rights " family carers have , has changed.

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What paid care workers are doing , as opposed to family carers , under coronavirus directives , is becoming a real cause of concern
… for family carers.

Are they arranged by Social Services? If so, ring them up and ask if they told the carers to say this. If so, are they going to arrange extra care to replace the care you are giving???
Of course you are not going to do anything to harm her, if you can possibly help it, because she is your grandma!!

Thanks for the advice so far. I will be ringing social care in the morning. I have spoken to public health England and they cannot understand why i m not allowed as i am self isolating to protect my grandma and keeping to government guidance on hand washing etc. The care team dont even use ppe equipment! They also stated she is more likely to get tge virus from them as she gets 4 visits daily from 2 carers which are different people most of the time.