Corona virus and caring options

I am a retired mental health community nurse 68 years old. Numerous roles including supporting carers. My parents live alone together. They have been married 69 years and wish to die in their home. They are 95 years and 90 years old. Both have dementia and both have numerous and severe physical problems. Even without the virus it seems to me unlikely they will last long. Neither is able to manage independently, my father can hardly walk and falls weekly, cannot get up, my mother’s demenita is severe and she cannot ask for help, she can’t use a phone. Currently we have care going in 3 times a day, plus one of the family most days. Even so, there are various crisises, from plumbing emergencies to getting locked in - you know the sort of thing. They now live only in one room as neither can manage the stairs. They lack capacity in most things and we children (3) have POA over care and finances joint and several. We have been supporting them for nearly two decades already, we do the shopping, they cannot cook or clean and hygeine is a non starter.
If Corona Virus strikes either the carer service or my parents or even my family, we simply do not know what to do. I understand that the elderly will be requred to isolate and will likely not have access to A&E, or hospital beds. Prior to the panic we have already processed DNR documentation. It’s very unlikely that a parent will survive if they catch the virus. The other would be almost certain to catch it too, as they live in the same room and have no concept of hygeine. The carers are untrained and may well bail out in such a situation, we don’t have a lot of faith in the company.

The government is about to issue advice for the over 70s to isolate but as far as I can tell, there is no advice about from who. Would this include family and caring companies? Will unqualified carers continue to come or will they bail out? I am too anxious about this to even ask.

Does anyone have anything at all to say about how to handle this situation? Frankly I have no clue, even though I have spent decades nursing and caring. Strange times.

Hi Steve
Stumbled across this website looking for info on same issues - partner and I support 85 year old dad to stay in his own home but he has poor mobility from stroke and vascular Parkinson’s - falls regularly, can’t do anything in the house and would not be eating drinking//clean if not for us, sadly, but he thinks he can manage and only conceded to one morning paid carer visit to help him get washed and dressed…
My partner has lung condition that puts him in the at risk group for covid-19 so we have been wrestling with dilemma all day, do we cancel carers coming in daily to reduce risk to both dad and partner, which means more stress on us to take over morning care; I want to avoid any increased risk to my partner as well as my dad but I also work full time and will struggle to do everything myself. My workplace expect us to carry on as normal - involves visiting - as that is the government advice… At a loss to know what to do for the best and really empathize with your situation.
I find it so frustrating that a lot of news coverage is about children/closing schools, stopping sports events, but those most at risk and having to deal with very real concerns are given so little practical advice. I know there are no simple answers either, but it adds such a lot of stress to already stressful lives. Not that I wish this situation on anyone, but I was glad to come across this site and your post Steve as at least I don’t feel quite so alone! Sorry I’ve got no answers for you, just empathy, and hope things work out ok.