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I care for my 90 year old mum who has dementia among other complicated medical conditions. I was a nurse but retired early 5 years ago to look after her when she suddenly developed a form of dementia over a couple of weeks. Years ago I promised her I would never put her in a home and to be honest she doesn’t need one. She just needs someone there to care for her make sure she eats and drinks regularly ( she only has a nodding acquaintance with time), do the housework and keep her fairly socially active. She has no insight into her condition and is ‘so sorry for those poor souls who don’t know who they are any more’. What she has lost is any ability to use any electrical equipment and she has given up on cooking because she can’t remember any recipes, which is a shame because she was a brilliant cook, but she doesn’t seem to miss it or want to try. Overall she is happy, she still remembers who all the family is and enjoys life in general. Because she wants to stay in her own home I moved in with her.
I have seen that several posts say that she could get a remission of her council tax as she has dementia and I may have read this wrong but I think you are saying that it is a full remission ( she was finally diagnosed as having Alzheimer’s with a vascular component). At the moment we get a 25% remission because I live with her as a carer but has this changed? I have power of attorney both financial and health and manage all her finances. I don’t get any other help apart from occasional visits from my sister but don’t really need it.

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Have you requested a needs assessment or not? You can call up the council tomorrow to ask for a needs assessment. A social worker can come out to your home to do one with you. Make the most of this. It is your chance to discuss everything. Prepare a list of questions to ask. Good luck.

Is she claiming benefits?
Please tell us a bit more about your mom. Does she have a physical or cognitive disability?

Are you living with my permanently, or do you have a home elsewhere?
My son with LD lives alone, no CT liable, as he’s exempt. If you live with mum, she is exempt, you are not automatically but I don’t know the exact rules in those circumstances.