Shopping for another person

What do I need to take to the supermarket to show I’m shopping for the person I’m caring for as well as myself?

I do not think you need anything. Super market items are being limited per person. So if you get two of everything I sure you will be OK. I’ve been shopping there is loads of products on the shelves. Just check at the customer service desk. Rather than waiting until you get to the tills. If you want to phone the store before visiting. But I think you may have difficulty getting through.

I will assume that you will shopping alone , no caree in tow ?

Playing the family carer card , a real post code lottery if your local ones allow you in to now what’s known on the street as " Happy hour "
… for the elderly and vulnerable.

Most will not bat an eyelid on the mention of being a family carer , some will require proof.

In that respect , a few LA’s have carers card scheme , most others do not.

Recommend the last letter from the DWP concerning Carers Allowance.

If no CA , a case of arguing one corner … at the very worst ?

Practically , very much hit and probable miss that all essentials will be able on the first visit.

May need 3 / 4 visits during the day , or , like me , a grand tour of all the local ones.

Look out for your local mutual aid group , they may well be able to help you :

If I go in the dedicated time slots for elderly and vulnerable then I take my carers allowance statement from the DWP along with photo ID of myself.

My local Aldi doesn’t have these slots but are well stocked and the staff know I care for my mother.

If you go during the dedicated slot for the other person maybe phone them so the staff member can speak to the person you are shopping for if you dont get carers allowance?

They still wont let you buy more than the restrictions though which is 4 units where I am. This is still a high number of units even for 2 people. Only thing I came close to 4 units was with UHT milk.