Going shopping

Hi - hope someone can help.

I am a carer for my husband due to mental health conditions.

The current restrictions of 1 person going in to a store have raised a number of issues - how i can ‘prove’ i am his carer? He has good days and bad days - so can look fine but many days where i can leave him in the car or at home while i go out.

Many thanks in advance

Hi Laura,

some councils and Carer’s Centres issue carer ID cards, however they are not universal.

You could try online shopping (if you can get a slot,) then you need only go to the shops for extra bits on the days that he is ok to leave for a few mins?


Thanks Melly - for our main shops yes i can get online slots - it the other oddities, post office, pet shop for example that are the challenge

I will ask the council and other routes

Many thanks