Hello just registered

I’ve been caring for my mother for two and a half years. She is 88 and very frail following a stroke. Ido not have a lot of support and am struggling mentally and physically.

Hi Karen, welcome to the forum.
Mum is entitled to help and support, so a few questions to help us give you some ideas to consider.
Does mum own or rent her home?
Do you live with her?
Have power of attorney?
Does mum have over £23,000 in savings?
Are you an only child.
How old are you?

When mum was discharged from hospital after her stroke, was a package of care arranged for her?
Have you asked Social Services for a Carers Assessment?

HI Karen,

welcome to the forum.

Caring is tough. If you tell us more about your situation we can make suggestions.

Do you get any ‘me’ time?

Has your Mum had a Needs assessment and have you had a Carer’s assessment?

You may enjoy the cuppa for carers sessions Online meetups | Carers UK

You can look here to find your nearest Carers Centre too Support where you live | Carers UK