Hearing tests and nearing aids

Hello .I am enquiring about hearing tests for my dad who is 85 and lives alone. I am his daughter and carer.
He has noticed he cannot hear well so think we need a test. He has great problems walking so a test at home would be good.Do Specsavers do home tests and are they free? Once any hearing loss is established how much are the hearing aids?
thanks for any advice.

Hi Felicity,
Welcome back.
I don’t know - the quickest way to find out is probably just to give them a call or pop into your local branch and ask them.

Edit; just checked online, yes they do. Re cost it depends whether eligible for a free test or not. Look on their website for more info

You can have hearing tests done with Specsavers through the NHS including at home ones too but you have to go through your GP for the free.NHS service you cannot just go directly to them

NHS Hearing Aids are free but you do have to go via your GP who will arrange a hearing test. My husband has his done in October and the Audiologist agreed he needed them, and did impressions of his ears. The bad news it that there is then quite a wait for them to be made and an appointment to have them fitted and for explanations to be given on care and use.

Thank you all for the replies. Couldn`t get through to Specsavers so gave up in the end.
Think my dad has autism or ocd so dealing with that as well as mobility issues.

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