Caring for someone with hearing difficulties

my wife has been undergoing testing for her hearing as its slowly getting worse. we noticed that she was turning the tv up and was talking louder during conversations. now we have had several lots of testing, but the drs werent doing anything as in a controlled room with headphones on its not noticeable. (new tests have shown lack of hearing in conversations and difficulty processing words)

any advice on how i can adjust to her hearing loss without making it sound like im nagging her. also as shes autistic im trying to have discussions with her about hearing aids as thats what the audiologist is discussing with me. Any advice or experience with caring for someone with hearing loss?

Hi Dave.
Both my parents wore hearing aids. My Dad for many years and my Mum for the last few years of her life. Both were fully accepting of the necessity so in that respect I can’t help.
I have a friend who wears an aid. It is so discreet I forget that she has it unless she happens to mention it.
What do you think the objection would be as far as your wife is concerned? I know my dad struggled in company as there was too much ‘noise’ in a crowd. However aids seem to have evolved so much since then that I’m not sure that is a problem any more.
Is she in denial? Doesn’t think she has a problem despite the tests? Perhaps a gradual easing into a pattern of wear. ‘Just wear it while we are watching TV’. ‘Just wear it while we are in the house/out for a walk’. That is providing your wife will accept an aid. Maybe when she tries it, she will realise the benefits.
I would say, in the meantime, try not to nag but perhaps gentle, pleasant voiced hints. ‘Sorry dear, but the TV is too loud for me, can we turn it down? ‘
I have no experience with autism at all but I have read that loud or constant noises can be upsetting. Perhaps your wife is finding some relief from dimming hearing? Is there any mileage in the idea that she can choose when to wear an aid and when not to? Can switch off noise?
Isn’t there something like an autism society? Any suggestions there?
Sorry if none of the above is of any help at all.
Hope all works out.

hi thank you for your reply. She totally understands the use and need for a hearing aid as she is aware the tv is waking the baby. I think the main worry is that it will be uncomfortable as she has told me she needs one that goes over the top of her ear as she cant stand the feeling of it just being in her ear on its own. (which isnt a problem)

i totally agree with your idea of easing into wearing it a little bit at a time. i will see what the new specialist says. i just hate that they are on the fence about wether she should have them or not.