Hearing Aids- any good experiences?


My father has NHS hearing aids for both of his ears which despite numerous visits to the audiologist never seem to work. The feedback from them is so loud that when he is in hospital (three times a week) the nurses insist he takes them out whilst he receives treatment (minimum of 4 hours). This means he can’t hear a thing and as he’s also blind he’s very isolated. It’s really upsetting him (he’s gone very quiet and down). As a consequence I thought I’d use my savings to see if I can buy him two better ones. I am keen however to avoid wasting money (we really don’t have it to spare) and wondered if any of you had any suggestions of where we might be able to get some good ones? Have any of you had good hearing aid experiences? Thank you in advance.

Hi Faye
Dad had private hearing aids for years which cost a small fortune, he did keep them fo rnearly 7 years but in the last year he also got some NHS ones and I’m not sure there was a whole lot of difference apart from the private ones being smaller and without the hoop over the ear.
I found out since that Spec savers do more reasonably priced aids but if the issue is feedback , perhaps it is a case of you get what you pay for ?. Probably best to find an experienced audiologist who sales a wide range of products for some neutral advice.

Before shelling out hundreds of pounds why not try a cheap hearing aid found on eBay
for about £10 ? They do work although fiddly to control volume.

Some expensive ones do look very much like the cheap eBay ones !