Criteria for free home eye testing?

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone could advise on this please? Mum in law is housebound and had a free eye test at home a couple years ago. The guy she used then was freelance and has moved away, so she has a test booked with Specsavers Home service next week. She is telling me she needs to show them her “payslip” as she calls it. I take it she means her pension statement, but I thought over 80 year olds already fit the criteria for free home tests and no finances were checked. Maybe this would apply if she needed frames etc, but as she doesn’t qualify for pension credits or any other benefits I suspect she would need to pay for these anyway.

I tried calling Specsavers, spoke to a girl who sounded about 12 who couldn’t tell me and is supposed to ring back … won’t hold my breath! Can anyone advise me here please, as I won’t be there for the appointment so will need to get any paperwork they need ready beforehand. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi LA.

Is this what you are seeking ?

NHS-funded Eye Tests | Specsavers UK


NHS-funded eye tests at Specsavers.

Find out if you qualify for a free eye test and what you need to do to receive one.

Thank you, I had already ready through the guidance on their page, but if you click on the “home visit” tab at the top of the link you shared, it says you can get free home visit if you are over 60 and have a physical disability. So when they turn up for her test, and find she cannot walk or stand unaided, will that automatically make her test free?

Doesn’t make it very clear, or specify what paperwork they may need to see to prove anything she is entitled to.


The eligibily criteria … must be met … regardless of anything else … I would suggest.

( Eligibilty criteria … seems quite straightforward enough ? Usually a NHS exemption cerificate or , for those on
low income , evidence of Pension Credit being received ? )

If in doubt , contact them direct … link as through their web site :

Contact Specsavers Customer Care | News and Information | Specsavers UK

Their " Customer Care " unit … about to be put to the test ?

As I said, awaiting a call back this afternoon, but if nothing heard I will contact them again. Thank you

Your welcome.

My wife and I had free eye tests at home carried out by Specsavers.
But we are/were both over 80.

Yep … eyes and teeth … both under the NHS but … based on the ability to pay ( As is social care ) … unless a medical
condition kicks in which is on the list of exemptions of either.

Catch 22 ?

One needs either an optician or dentist to check for a potential medical condition.

Said tests are NOT free for the majority of UK citizens.