Health and Safety at Work

hi Forum

so we have a new resident at work who is under a section 3a DOLS
Thing is she had declined a wash/bash since 29th December

As its a shared house and residents and staff share toilets towels
kettles and plates and cutlery I’m worried about Health and Safety

Doesn’t seem like its good practice to work in that environment
thios is how disease is spread and we’ll all be off sick .

capacity but declining causes these secondary problems
and i have to think about my job well as “duty of care” and
reflect on the situation of self-neglect .

Its not fun at all :frowning:

One for your Union to explore … presumably Unison ?

As for us … family / kinship carers … we are not governed by such legislation.

Only those who are paid a wage for caring are.

thanks, reckon so
afraid of rocking the boat though
get fired - for being too much trouble … ??
that fear is real and I wonder how much isn’t reported because of it …

UNISON are always listening to whistle blowers.

Check their web site for further information ?

One advantage of having a Union looking after your interests ?

No Union for us !

It’s everyone for him / herself !

As previously stated, this is a forum for unpaid family carers.

However, I’m really concerned about a number of issues that your employers are ignorning.
Firstly, they should be talking to whoever placed here there and sort out the washing issue.
Secondly, you talk about “sharing towels”. This is completely out of order, residents should have their own towels. In communal toilets paper towels or hand driers should be used.
In your shoes, I’d suggest that you talk to the Care Quality Commission in confidence (they are very good at dealing with complaints, I know that from personal experience).
Ask what the proper procedures should be.

There is only so much that we family carers can do, there is a real need for residential homes with caring staff, just like you.
(Both my own mum, and my much loved mum in law, ended up in residential care when they were so ill they needed a team of carers 24/7).

So I’d like to say a big thank you for the work you do.

i really appreciate the bowling bun

First up, I did not know forum was unpaid carers only
I do do that with my folks too; but trying to get head round alot of things that overlap
I am a member of Unison, but as relief not contract I will have few rights, insecure employment zero hours

CQC sounds like a plan though …

shared things: kettles, crockery / cutlery drying towel , cups etc - its impossible to avoid some basic contamination
will keep at it - find a way forward …

Have a good one …


insecure employment zero hours

If claiming ANY income related benefits , you’ll need more than luck once Universal Credit infects your manor !

If you are a family carer, did you realise that if one of your relatives is entitled to AA/CA/ or PIP, you might be able to claim CA and income related benefits and not be required to “look for work”?

Yep … claiming Carers Allowance AND working on zero hour contracts is always " Fun. "

Earnings limit of £ 123 per week only the beginning … and there’s Universal Credit … waiting in the darkness.

For every £ 1 earned , how much in percentage terms will one lose from income related benefits ???

PIP / AA … worth their weight in gold … both are NOT means tested.