Care staff not following Covid rules

And thank you for letting me join carers uk.
A question if possible.
We have a son, who is 30 years old , has multiple complex needs .
We have been lucky, in that his two regular care staff , have been coming in since the first lockdown.
But recently we have had suspicions, that one was not adhering to the rules , when she’s off duty.
She mistakenly left her phone on speaker phone today, and I heard her talking to her daughter,( whose birthday is today). She was discussing the fact, that they would meet up later , for a takeaway meal, at her house .
I tackled her about it , and told her she should not be going to her daughters house. And I expected her to stick to the rules, especially since she works with my son.
She finished her shift, under very frosty circumstances, my husband thinks she should be given a verbal warning.
Was I overreacting?
She is generally very good at her job, but my priority is my son.
Thank you

Yes, your priority is your son and all of you as a family

It’s a difficult one as the daughter maybe part of her bubble. I would still raise a concern. And if possible change the carer for the time being.

We don’t really know where people are. Once they are out of sight however paid carers. Have a duty of care to minimises risk/s.

Don’t every apologise for wanting to keep your family safe. We all have a personal responsibility to keep everyone safe.

Thank you .

Hi - We had a similar issue in the first lockdown but our new carer wasn’t so discreet. She would openly blab about the birthday party she was having and the various people in her so called social bubble.
I rang the care company and calmly explained that whilst I couldn’t dictate what people got up to in their own time I had a massive responsibility to protect my mum and I didn’t want the carer coming back. They totally understood and the carer was dropped from the calls that day.
I’m making huge sacrifices to keep myself and my family safe and I would hope that someone working with vulnerable people would have the same respect and understanding.

Totally agree, we had a very fractious meeting this morning, with her .
She’s employed through direct payments.
She told me to my face , she will not stop seeing her daughter, she is not in her support bubble.
So basically, I’ve told her to make her mind up, if she wishes to continue working, with our son, or leave .
Her attitude was absolutely dreadful, don’t know what’s happening with her .
But will see what happens.