Another Coronavirus query

I’ve been reading up on some of the other posts on this subject, so I may have missed something, apologies if I have.

I’m probably a bit late asking this… but My Mother has spent the last 6 weeks in hospital (aged 91, recently had a Stroke, underlying health issues, long term catheter) and we have just been told she is being sent home next week.

Things is, this will involve 4 visits a day by 2carers, plus Outreach Physio twice a week.
Will I be expected to provide Hand Sanitizer for them or will their Employer?

I have been shopping this morning and cannot even get any for my own use, let alone visitors.
If they end up using a bar of soap and kitchen towel, I couldn’t get only one roll of kitchen towel - which isn’t going to go very far.
Can they use a ‘normal’ towel to hand dry if it is kept separately and washed frequently??
And how often should I wipe down surfaces they may have touched?

Is it a good idea to get my Mum to wash her hands after they leave?
Are these stupid questions?
Sorry, but I’m stressing now…probably like a lot of other people.

Keep asking questions… we much get the correct information which is key.

Check with the care agency there procedures. They will want to keep the staff and patients safe.

Care workers and other home help

If you have paid care workers, cleaners or other helpers coming into the home of the person you care for:

Ensure that they are following stringent hygiene and infection control measures as set out by the NHS. If they are employed through an agency and you have any doubts, contact the agency to ask them about what protective measures they are taking.

Talk to the person you care for about the hygiene and infection control measures they should expect someone coming into their home to follow. They should not be afraid to insist that these are followed.

If possible, ensure soap is made readily available and towels are frequently changed.

As well as following the steps above, if they are employed by an agency:

speak to the agency about their contingency plans and how they plan to respond if any of their staff are affected
and if the care worker or other helper shows symptoms of coronavirus, do inform the agency. They will need to carry out a risk assessment and take steps to protect staff, their families and other clients from the virus. The agency should work with you to ensure that the person you care for is also safe.

Thank you for the advice - I have read the information on the link too, and made a note of what I need to ask the Agency.

Don’t hesitate to come back if you still have concerns. Just having a chat can help!!

Do NOT let them discharge mum until you know all the details of the care, name of the manager, emergency contact number etc. and make sure they visit the day mum is discharged.

Thank you BB. It will probably be an Agency we had previously, so I have contact details. But I’m definitely going to ring them to see what extra measures they are putting in place.

Make sure they wash their hands when the first arrive.