Good to Talk

Hi my name’s Linda, I am married to James who was diagnosed with Bipolar & Frontal Lobe Syndrome 4 yrs ago. We have 2 grown up daughter’s. And together we are a strong support for James. It’s great to find an outlet (this forum) to be able to talk if need to. Has at times things can be overwhelming! Only this week James had to go through an colonscopy procedure, but considering I wasn’t able to stay with him on the ward, with covid restrictions, he did remarkable well in waiting for almost 2 hours, being in contact by mobile, anyway cut a long story short, he had 2 polyps removed and we were very relieved that all went well! :smiley:

Hi Linda and welcome,

it’s great that your daughters are able to help you support their dad.

Glad his procedure had a good outcome and that you were able to talk him through the waiting period. Bet you are all glad that is over with!


Hi Melly1
Thanks for your lovely message, :smiley:
Yes we were so relieved all turned out well, been quite a stressful week for all.
I’m loving this forum, so informative with so much advice, you don’t realize until you go on one how many people out
there are going through the same things as ourselves.

Enjoy the reminder of the weekend! Pleasure to meet you :smiley: