Hi I'm New to all this

Hi I’m struggling at the moment, it’s all getting on top of me I try so hard to keep it all together as everything I get the courage to ask for help it never materialises , I’m even finding writing this hard as I’ve done it on my own for so long now I don’t know anything else.
My wife has Bpd 1 , or it cyclothymia, or depression the 5 psychiatrist she seen ver the past 6 years can’t seem to make up there minds even though she has cycles lasting a few days , severe manic episodes hallucinations , disappears for days on end no sense of time etc etc .
weve been married 31 years and have a 28 year old who has severe Autism with leaning difficulties , speech impediment etc etc who needs constant looking after as his life skills are limited .
I had to get in touch with the local crisis team last weekend as my wife was having another manic episode , after a meeting today they are referring my wife to another psychiatrist, yes number 6 , talk about bang your head against a brick wall . 10 years now since her first diagnosis of depression and me not accepting it and we’re back to square 1 . I did a CBT course to help and it did , when I get down I say to myself there’s always someone worse off than you , thanks for letting me vent my anger and frustration.

Hello Glenn, I don’t know much about the illnesses you mention your wife has but just wanted to know that people on here will read and support you.

I do know about autism and learning difficulties though because my daughter has both and it is very hard work and always has been.

It must be so hard for you coping with both your wife and your son.

What support is your son getting at the moment? Are you investigating a long term placement for him?