Coronavirus - no car and no online shopping

I’m a carer for my elderly mum. I have eyesight problems so I had to stop driving 2 years ago. I’ve managed ok so far by doing my grocery shopping online. But now all the online grocery slots are taken. I can walk to my local supermarket with my basket on wheels but the shelves are empty. I’m in my 50’s and live in outer London.
Those of you who are lucky enough to drive please be aware that people like me rely on the online shopping service - we cannot drive around to different supermarkets like you can. :-???

That’s a good point Karen. have you got a friend or neighbour who could help you out?

A recently formed local group ?

Karen, contact your Social Services Department or the council.

You could also make contact with your local Salvation Army. I’m sure they will have volunteers ready to assist.

Does your mom have carers or not? Perhaps they can help you out.

Thank you for your replies. My mum is wheelchair bound but she doesn’t have outside carers.
I only have a few friends. I will contact them if I become desperate but obviously they are struggling with their own problems too.
I have a yearly delivery pass with Sainsbury (which cost £60 paid in advance) because I need to do an online shop with Sainsbury every week.
Apparently Sainsbury are going to contact me this weekend so that people with a disability will get priority when booking online slots starting on Mon 23rd September.
I will let you know how I get on.
I feel much happier about it all now.
It is absolutely great to know you guys are there.

Do you actually mean September.

Sorry - I mean Monday 23 March 2020.

Karen, that is really, really good news. Thanks for sharing.

I have the same frustration. I am 36 and can not drive and my brother who is 40 suffers with the progressive form of multiple sclerosis. We are unable to go out to supermarkets because he is wheelchair bound. We live in quite a rural village so our nearest supermarket is 12 miles away. Our nearest family member is 4 miles away but she is pregnant. Our parents live 20 miles away so we are truly struggling with the lack of delivery spots. We are not lazy individuals either and would go out if we could. Today I tried to register my brother as a vunerable individual to perhaps get at least one slot every 2 weeks with Sainsburys, but GOV.UK didn’t recognise my brother as being vunerable. We don’t get outside help from adult social services and I have still not received confirmation as to whether my Carers Allowence has been accepted ( been waiting 6 weeks).
What do I do in our situation?

Contact your local mutual aid group … what you need is exactly why they are springing up nationwide :

SEARCH using your post code.

Even they may have to source from several supermarkets to ensure you get what you need.

As for CA , all bets are off when something approaching a normal service will be resumed.

One consolation … will be paid from the the date of the application.

Hi Karen I really do sympathise as I too am a career in my 50s caring for my 89 year old mother, I don’t drive anyway and never have, I just used to take my mother out in her chair almost every weekend and get some shopping, not only that she used to get to see the outside world and get some fresh air, no fear of that happening now though, but you must be in a worse situation than I as we live in East London and I am able to pop to the local Tescos for those essentials, there is nobody else so it’s left to me, but it’s only a small Tescos so as soon as they stock up the shelves just empty and yes you are dead right all online shopping slots are taken as I have even tried that route to save going out.

So hear! hear! I applaud you for bringing this topic to light.

Samantha and Karen - I am in a similar position. I do not drive and have been using online delivery for years - I am a carer for my 81 year old husband. Despite being a regular long term customer, I cannot get any slots. My husband is not considered vulernable enough - tried that option too. Thankfully I have a neighbour who will hopefully get me a few heavier things next week as cannot carry much. I do have a small trolley now.

It does upset me is that I realise husband is vulnerable but I have to go out and try to find supplies - thankfully we have a new co-op that opened recently.