Going out if a carer

Hi can anyone tell me whether we’re allowed to go out to get supplies of food etc if we are live in carers for the vulnerable?

Hi Hayley, are you a paid carer? If so who employs you? The person/family directly or are you from an agency? You need to consult the person/family directly or your agency for advice.


If the carees are elderly , are they on AGE UK’s radar.

Registered as " Vulnerable " on the new Government web site ?

Hi Hayley,
I’m in the same situation. I’m full time,live-in and sole Carer for my elderly Mum,who is in the ‘vulnerable’ category. Before this last week,I was going out for food. But I was uncomfortable doing this as its hard to keep 2 metres from others in a store! So since Monday I’ve been asking neighbours to get the shopping in. And they’ve been fantastic,thankfully. If you have someone who could go out for you,I would do that,to be honest. And don’t forget to ring the Government helpline when the carees’ letter comes.
Hope you sort it out.