Getting “vulnerable” status with companies?

Hi all! We discovered this week that British Gas will put a note on their file to say hubby is disabled & I am his carer so if anything happens to the heating we will get some kind of priority. Are there other companies/organisations I could/should be flagging this with?

The company that supplies your electricity will also provide this service along with whoever your local water company is - ditto BT or your telephone service provider. I also believe that Virgin Media have a similar scheme - so would think that companies like Sky would have the same.

Thank you so much, hadn’t considered any of those so very much appreciate you taking time to reply :blush:

I’m currently going through my dad’s bank statement and pulling out any service providers to contact, including mobile phone companies & TV services etc (sometimes the TV is a lifeline for someone housebound etc.)

The Fire Service also register people as vulnerable and can come out to do a check / give advice etc.