Local service and rules

Sorry but could not think of more appropriate or punchier title.

My son uses a local service offering daytime activities for adults with disabilities. The organisation that manage this service are a high profile, national charity who have always provided very good service. Recently there have been a number of changes locally that have disappointed me and make it feel that they are running the service more for their convenience than for their clients. I did query one issue ( note query,not complain) and I received a response which to me was unsatisfactory but I let it go as I felt I was swimming against the tide. Another issue was around their inability to heat the lunches that carers provide in the microwave as ‘if they do it for everyone it will take all day’
Today I was contacted to say my son had an ‘accident’ and they could not find any boxers among his spare clothes so he was without underwear. Did this really warrant a phone call when I was collecting him 2 hours later?
Do you think I have an unreasonable expectations? We get no respite at all since COVID and this daytime respite is the only time I have totally free. I fear too that if I query any of their protocols I will be seen as a troublemaker and their relationship with my son will be affected. Prior to having my son I worked in a variety of care jobs in various settings so I am aware of how greatly services can vary but also what constitutes a sensitive and holistic service.

HI Diane,

They were probably covering their own backs re sending him home in no boxers.

Did they heat his meals before? Lots of employee kitchens have microwaves for staff to heat their lunches and this works with a staggered approach. I don’t expect everyone takes meals that need heating. I do know when I worked in a special needs school we had to have someone with a food hygiene certificate to heat up the meals and they had to check it was warmer enough with a food thermometer.

I’m no doubt considered a trouble maker with S’s college day service. A lot of the parents are just grateful that their carees are out for a few hours.

I think its a case of pick your battles.

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