Over night care

Not sure if this is right place to put this but looking for some guidance or advice.

My sister has DS. She lives in her own tenancy with support of carers. And has done for past 3 years.

Was advised this week that local authority (moray council) are looking at scrapping over night care in favour of telecare system. Obviously this has raised some concerns with myself

My sister is unable to leave house on her own and during recent fire drills got upset at the noise and sat down.
She unable to use a phone or emergency button to call for help should she become unwell or something unexpected happen

I have phone meeting with organiser of the project but extremely anxious decision has been made already.

Her sw did highlight my sister couldn’t leave building and was advised some people are bed bound so they just have to wait. (There are no fire doors in her property)

Apparently they have asked carers to note how often she gets up and if she leaves house. Which she hasht done with them but has done when she has visited me.

I’ve asked for copy of her risk assessment and still waiting for this.

I’d move her in with myself if I had space but I don’t and her life and friends are where she lives (,I’m 2 hour drive away,)

Anyone had any experience with telecare system for overnight just looking for reassurance i guess

I’m in Hampshire, and this is something that they are trying to do here too.

My son is 40, brain damaged at birth, but fairly competent in some areas, so he is quite happy not having anyone sleep in his place, never has. As long as he has a Lifeline to call for help if he was ill, he’s fine. There is a staffed Supported Living house nearby, in case of emergency he would go over there or ring me (15 miles away).

Is your sister entirely alone, in in a group of flats?
Have they updated her Needs Assessment in the last 12 months?
They MUST do this, and send you a copy, before anything in her care package changes.
Have you talked to the Fire Service about these proposals?

If your sister is unable to leave the flat on her own without someone being present, then it’s my personal opinion that she needs someone there, for her safety.
Have you seen a Risk Assessment?

Hi Jenny … wecome to the forum.

For the benefit of all readers , Moray Council’s Telecare Scheme … in all it’s gory details :

Moray Lifeline and Telecare - Moray Council

( Purely a cost cutting exercise / advantages of modern technology … NOT the issue here ! )

My immediate reaction is the RISK FACTOR ( EVEN WITH carers around ! ) … having contributed almost solely to the main
HOUSING thread … and the fallout from Grenfell Tower for all those housed in tower blocks and other abodes where
there are fire risks.

My advice is to immediately seek advice from the CAB … I envisage that you will not be the sole person concerned !

Link to the CAB ( Scotland ) :


Possibly … cannot do any harm ?


Short of that , little else to suggest … the local rag and , possibly , your local mp.

Needless to add , to find any LA offering " Night Care " … at an affordable price … is now like winning the lottery twice running !

Others will be along to extend their welcomes and , possibly , offer better advice than i can.

Is there a Mencap near you, or other learning disability organisation?

After years of ours doing nothing, it’s now reinvigorated, and about half a dozen of us are now actively trying to change policies.

Only with a couple of elderly relatives who both had full mental capacity at the time, and only for them pressing the button after falling. Systems seems to have moved on since, but imho they aren’t right for those who don’t have mental capacity to press the button, or who don’t have at least 2 competent adults within 5 minutes distance who agree to respond 24/7

I’d use the argument about what would happen if there was an intruder.
Hers is a very different case to the elderly