Getting back into Care

Hi, I’m new to all this Forum stuff.

I’ve been out of home care for about two years ever since I moved to the northeast. I was really wanting to get back into it again. I’ve had a look around at a few companies and the council. Does anyone know of any good companies? have worked for some dodgy ones in the past. I found these and thought they looked good as they have a good write up and this If you could let me know of any goods ones in the northeast around the Teesside area, then please drop me a line :slight_smile:

From our viewpoint , as family / kinship carers , in CarerLand ???

In our world , one doesn’t drop in and drop out … once in , it could be for life !

( £ 66.15 per week … for anything from 35 to 120 hours suit you … more if your sleep is interupted … IF you qualify ? )

CQC would be a good place to start … any with ratings above 3 out of 5 ?

Hello Simon

Carers UK is a charity set up to advise and support those caring for friends/relatives in an unpaid, non-professional capacity, not professional care assistants/workers. so I regret we are not able to advise you.

I agree with Chris’s suggestion of checking out the CQC ratings for Agencies in your area.