New here

Hi, just found this forum, thought i’d join up :slight_smile:

I’ve been a personal assistant for just over a year, caring for a woman with MS.
Have been friends with her for years while she was having care at home via care agencies, but a year ago she went onto direct payments, and hired me as her PA 5 days a week, while teh care agency cover the other 2 plus any holidays I take.

It’s been mostly great - though it took me some time to adjust to the routine of havign my working hours spread out in chunks throughout the day, instead of working one continious shift.
And also getting used to being emloyed as a carer by someone i’m also friends with - so when my shift ends i don’t necessarily just clock off and go home, we often hang out together or go out - so getting that balance of stopping being en employee took a while.

Hi Neil.

This forum is for family / kinship carers … around 8 odd million of us … not designed for paid care workers.

Wearing OUR hat , is there anything we can help you with from the caring angle ?


so when my shift ends i don’t necessarily just clock off and go home, we often hang out together or go out >

Many of us have been waiting years for such an opportunity … some for decades !

hi Neil,
Welcome to the Forum. Sounds like you are wearing 2 hats and finding a balance between being a PA and a carer to a friend
Members of the Forum may be able to help answer questions you have about supporting your friend and care needs being identified and met.

There are a number of options for care. The first step is a needs assessment, you can ring the council tomorrow to start the process. It is free and anyone can ask for one.

A social worker will visit to ask questions about things you find hard to do at home. They will make notes during the assessment. Then they will send you a copy of the report detailing their findings. But do ask for it. Be honest with them. Make the most of the opportunity to speak up.

Ask questions during the assessment as well. Provide as much detail as required. Have them clarify things. The council must verify things once a year. Take a look at this article for more information.

Personal budgets

The council will send you a letter explaining about their decision and how much you have to pay. You can request a financial assessment to determine what the best option is. If you have questions, ask the council politely for clarification.

Direct Payments

This is the first payment option.

You have more control this way, this option has pros and cons. You can hire bilingual support workers or choose the level of experience required too. See article with additional information on how personal budgets work.