Live in carer costs?

Hi, I’m :-??? new to forum, Does anyone in the northeast of England have an idea how much it costs to have a live in carer please. And also can anyone recommend a reputable trustworthy company? Thankyou x

Hi Arlene,

re how much it costs - probably worth ringing a few agencies and asking for a quote.

Re recommendations for your area sorry, I can’t help with that one.

I would say though that the management of the agency providing the care are very important - they are a clear indicator of the values, training, attitudes of the care workers employed. You learn a lot from even the initial phone call - I have rung agencies trying to find someone to give S morning support - the responses to your initial questions are very telling.

CQC inspection/ratings are also another way to glean information…

You could also see if your local carers centre/group have a way of contacting local carers who may be able to make recommendations. You can search for Carer’s groups near you here: … al-support


Can you tell us a bit more about your caree first?
Under certain circumstances care can be free!

I looked into this in 2017 and it was about £1000 a week. On top of that you have all your usual household bills plus you have to feed the carer.

I know a few people who have had live in carers and for some it works but it is vital to get a person you “gel” with. a lady near us used an agency and some of the carers were kind and gentle with her and spent a lot of time chatting to her but others did the bare minimum and spent all their time on their mobile phones. One in particular was extremely bossy and I would say not suited to being a carer.