I hope someone can help me I am currently cared for by my sister and my husband (who works) I have a brain tumour am registered as disabled and receive higher rate pip. My husband is a bus driver and has been off on holiday for the last 3 weeks as my sister is in the high risk group for covid and is unable to look after me while he works. We have asked his employer to furlough him but atm they won’t. We can’t afford for him to take unpaid leave so the only option we have is for my daughter who has a baby to come over first thing and a neighbour who says she will pop in and out to make sure I’m ok which obviously then puts not only them at risk but also there families.Has anyone else been in this situation we just don’t know where to turn

Do you need someone to be with you at all times, or could you manage on your own if you had a Lifeline pendant in case you fell or needed someone in an emergency?
Your husband needs to remind his employers that he is “disabled by association” so they have a duty to make reasonable adjustments for him. If the make him redundant, they could be facing a very hefty fine indeed!

Hi Since my brain surgery and radiotherapy I have been left with a lot of defects I have balance issues and have regular falls amongst other things. I need someone with me at all times. I don’t think they would make him redundant it’s a large bus company. They will let him take time off unpaid (which we can’t afford) or holiday which he’s done for the last three weeks so has exhausted that option. For me to be cared for we are going to have to get my daughter over and break isolation rules I just don’t know what to do.

He shouldn’t have needed to use up his holiday. This is an issue that needs resolving.
Ring the Carers UK helpline. I’m not familiar with all the rules about furlough. Sorry.
Alternatively, ring ACAS. They are the experts on Employment Law. I studied it as part of a degree many years ago but some details have faded away now!!