Coping with caring for husband end of life

I am new to this :flushed:

I have had to leave work to care for my husband, due to shortage in my area off carers.
My husband is 51 years old and has A very complex history. He is In Chronic Heart Failure .

He has had 18 Strokes, 2 Heart Attacks. Chronic Rheumatiod Arthritis and Seizures. Mid line Hernia and loss of hearing in the right ear.
COVID-19 has caused a lot off issues but I am trying to cope with all the challenges. Some days I feel like
I can not cope anymore and feel very selfish thinking this. Is this normal to have days like this?

I phoned council to get help with Council Tax and rent, to be told “ could I not put him In a home”
I was flawed by the response.

I have applied for carers allowance, and researching what other help is out there. Any advice I would be grateful. :relaxed:

I was going to put full story on site but not enough hours to do so…

Claire, welcome to the forum. Please Google “NHS Continuing Healthcare Checklist”.
If time is short, your GP can request Fast Track CHC to be provided in 48 hours.
I’ll be back tomorrow.

Hi Claire

You are now in the right place for information advice and most important knowledgeable people. When you ask for advice from professionals agencies etc. You should expect a listening ear and not an opinion voiced on lack of facts. If you felt strongly and wanted to complain about the abrupt response you received from the council. We can help here with that.

Has there been a needs assessment for your husband and you.

There is plenty of help we just need to get you sign posted.

Has there been a PIP application done.If not send for the form tomorrow.

At a glance the above looks like a lot of reading but just take one step at a time.

Hi Claire

Totally normal for a carer to have days where they feel they can’t cope.

But tomorrow is another day, and hopefully a better one.