I need advice, please!

Hi everyone,
I have cared for my mum since I was a teenager, I have never claimed any benefits as I have managed to work part-time and share caring duties with my sister. Mum has COPD, OCD, severe osteoporosis and asthma. She also had a brain tumour removed in 2003 and subsequently needs anti-epileptic drugs.
My caring duties have significantly increased over the last few years as mum had a severe fall down the stairs, resulting in 2 massive brain bleeds, fractured skull and collarbone and four spinal fractures. She needed more brain surgery & her balance is impaired and really needs someone with her at all times as she is very prone to falls.
My sister and I reorganized our working patterns to make sure that one of us was here most of the time. I work as a pharmacy technician which is very stressful- I have generalized anxiety disorder and PTSD which resulted in finally having to take sick leave in January. As I was preparing to return to work, mum was notified to shield from coronavirus til at least the end of June.
Consequently my GP has extended my sick note. I have enquired about being furloughed but as I am classed as a key worker, they say they are unlikely to grant it. Due to the uncertainty surrounding the whole Covid 19 situation I am struggling to know how to move forward. My sister is a key worker and cannot enter the house so I am caring for mum 24/7 alone.
I am considering giving my job up as it is so stressful (and high risk if pandemic continues for up to 18 months as predicted).
The thing is, I have savings ( that I need for my old age, having no-one who will care for me when the time comes!!) So although I could claim carers allowance, that seems to be it. My savings would disappear fast. I know you can earn a certain amount on top and was wondering if anyone knows of any genuine work from home jobs? Paid survey sites don’t pay enough and I am struggling to find anything appropriate.
Sorry if this is a bit long-winded!! Thanks for taking the time to read this. :slight_smile:
Any advice gratefully received x

Afternoon Irena

What a lot you have on your plate. Usually, savings over £16,000 affects most benefits.

You could use a benefit’s calculator…

Which might give you some idea if you were to apply for some benefit’s.

A few questions…
Do you own the property you live in.
What age are you and your mum?

Are you link to any carers groups in your area.


Has the every been a needs assessment for Mum.

Seems a lots of questions but is necessary. To give you as much help as possible. And if necessary to signpost you on to the people who can help.

Hi Sunnydisposition,
I have done benefits calculator and am not entitled to anything other than carers allowance. I live with mum in housing association house. She gets DLA and pension credit.
Mum is 75 and I have just turned 50. She has never had an assessment apart from occupational health when discharged from hospital. I am fully able to care for her needs so no problem there. I really just need to top up the carers allowance with income that I can earn from home but am at a loss as to what is genuinely available.
Thanks for your help.

I think you will have to do a google search of home working jobs.

Hi Irena, welcome to the forum.

I can see a huge problem looming for you that you may be unaware of, often referred to as “succession”.

Very often, when someone in mum’s situation moves out, the housing association want the house back, which would make you homeless. Before you do anything else, you need to find out more about mum’s tenancy, and your rights. I am not trying to frighten you, quite the opposite.

Given your own issues, I wonder if you giving up you job is going to make things better, or much worse for you?
Many people have found that their parents have become increasingly demanding of their live in children, especially as they become more and more infirm themselves.

Before making any further decisions, mum should have a Needs Assessment to find out what she would be entitled to from Social Services. If she has savings under £23,000, they would contribute towards the cost of the care she needed.

Already tried but just seem to get paid surveys or similar coming up. Have looked on Reed etc. Can’t see anything else and just wondered if anyone else has found genuine work that can be done from home.