Free on line course for dementia carers

Can be done at a time(s) to suit you

If anyone does it feedback would be useful please

Pay £52 and get a print and digital Certificate of Achievement once you’re eligible, it says. .

No thanks. That sounds just screwy.

Albert, you don’t need a certificate at your age, do you? Or is that ageist of me (I am only 72)?

You can do the course for free. It’s common for these courses to enable people to pay for a certificate if they can use it to apply for jobs or whatever. I think the £52 covers administration costs.

I have a certificate from my doctor to certify that I am still alive. :laughing:
…just !

Yes, I have to get a certificate to say I am still alive every year, because I have a German pension. I suppose it’s useful to be reminded.

The course is FREE, the certificate is an optional extra (not worth the paper it’s printed on imho)