Online courses for disabled people?

Hi all,

I have a couple of carees who are housebound and/or still shielding, and with social care being unwilling to put in any extra hours to their care packages to get them some support to go out and about into the community, for so much as a walk, they’re getting kind of desperate for something to do to mentally stimulate them and keep them busy while shut in.

Just wondering if anyone here knows of any online courses (preferable free or discounted) that are geared towards disabled/chronically ill people?

Thanks everyone.

Hi AJ,

what about



After a car acident left me disabled in 2006, I found family history was very absorbing.

I also loved looking at old photos of places I knew, like the village where my grandmother lived and I stayed when I was a very little girl very interesting, brought back many happy memories.

Do your relatives use a computer, or a tablet? There are lessons available for would be “silver surfers”.

I know of a few. During the first ever lockdown I tried out FutureLearn. I enjoyed it. It is not specifically geared towards disabled folks however I did not let that stop me.

There are some really interesting courses on Futurelearn.