Live in carers

Hi there i was wondering if anyone could share experiences with live-in carers.

My mother who has Parkinson’s had a care company that visited 5 times a day, up until the first lockdown when i took over providing her care package full time because the care company didnt have protective equipment and were generally inefficient anyway. During lockdown, my mum’s mild dementia worsened a lot, and although a lot of the time she has good days, i really cant leave the house for more than a couple of hours as from my observations she really isnt able to be left alone for too long now.

Social services and other health professionals keep talking about getting a new care company. The problem is, i know it wont work and the only thing i can see working, apart from going into care, is live-in carers.

My mothers friends daughter works for a company who do this and i spoke to their manager, who told me about it all but of course the problem is cost. They quoted me £1500 per week (my mothers direct payment is £650) although she did say to me she has two clients who have the full lot paid for them by the council, and that its at the social workers discretion.

I did also find other companies that provide live in carers who were a lot cheaper (£985 per week).

Does anyone have any experience with live in carers, and/or funding?

Many thanks in advance


As a general rule, councils won’t pay more for domiciliary care than residential care costs, unless you put up a fight.
However, if your mum needed 5 care calls a day, have you asked for an NHS Continuing Healthcare Assessment? Free care from the NHS, either at home or in residential care.

Hi, im in Scotland and have not heard of the Continuing Health Care assesment. We have a social worker who did the assessments in the past, she knows i am currently caring for my mum and that we’re currently happy with the way things are (on a temporary basis because of covid) but i assumed the only assesment that will happen again will be with the social worker.

Sorry, no time for proper answer - but this might be relevant:

as CHC was replaced in Scotland.