Qualification overload

Hello all.
My girl friend is a carer and has been for about 6 years. She works agency and, as things stand, she’s on the books of 2 agencies but one of them just doesn’t supply enough work (never have) so she’s applying now to another one.
Problem is, as usual, apparently non of her qualifications are valid with them.
It seems ridiculous to me. Every time she starts with a new agency she has to retake hours of online training even though I’ve printed out hundreds of certificates for her from many different sites, each subject is duplicated several times and all are in date.
Is this normal? Should she be expected to take these lessons every time? The problem is, if she digs her heels in and tells them she doesn’t need to do them again the agency can simply just not hire her.
Doesn’t seem right to me.
Thanks all.

She needs to be studing for NVQ qualifications.

She has been talking about that and I think that’s her next goal.
Still, she’s got at least 4 certificates that say she’s qualified in, for example, safeguarding and all ratified by CQC so why does she need another one?

Shaun I regret that we are not in a position to be able to answer your question.

Carers UK is a charity that supports and advises those caring for family and/or friends in an unpaid, non-professional capacity - as such the only “qualification” needed is a willingness to care for our loved ones 24/7 365 days a year for the grand sum of £67.25 per week Carers Allowance.

I think your question would be better answered by CQC, ACAS or the management of the care homes to which she is applying for a job.

Its good to have qualifications, i think she should persist and keep applying to work at the same home, sometimes things only happen through persistence.