Financial assistance plz help


My husband who earns 28,000 a year needs to give up work and become a full time carer

We have no savings or assets
We have a mortgage

I get pip allowance due to my disability about £450 per month

Is there other benefits we can claim? Clueless when it comes to this

Thank you

Best place to start ?

An online benefits calculator … a financial m.o.t. if you like :

That will give you a good indication of what benefits and allowances can be claimed.

On the housing front … a mortgage … little help there … what there is isn’t actually must help :

I hope the above provides some assistance.

Welcome to the forum,

It would be a shame for your husband to give up a well paid job unless absolutely every other option had been explored first.

Will he be caring for you, or someone else?

If you could give a bit more information, especially ages and what help is needed, there might be other options that would enable him to keep his job

Ready reckoner ?

Job paying £ 123 + Carers Allowance £ 66.15 … both per week … £ 189.15 in total … £ 9.835.80 per annum.

Roughly 40% below the official poverty line.

Possible , of course , to earn " More " through the pension route … a case of jam tomorrow rather than today.

Add on the PIP element and … as a couple … still below the official poverty line.

Replacement care ?

At £ 15+ per hour ???

( Keep job £ 28,000 and pay for 35 hours / 47 weeks of replacement care … 5 weeks holiday … costing £ 24,675 ??? )

( If . like many , an hour or two commute to work , add a few £’s to that replacement care cost ! )

Possible to hire a paid carer direct … thus cutting the rate per hour but … becoming an employer ???

Welcome , indeed , to CarerLand.

Some people get upto £40K per year assistance from local authority but you have to get a needs assessment done. Be prepared with a social care and health solicitor and a self directed support worker with you when meeting social work and take notes. You have the right to ask for another social worker if they seem obstructive.