New to the forum and would like some advice please

Hello, my name is Gill and I have been caring for my 36 year old autistic son all his life. I was widowed in March 2010, so care for Paul alone.
I have been working 15 hours per week in a supermarket, even all through the pandemic.
However, things and my age, I will be 60 in April, has caught up with me and feel unable to work anymore with my caring responsibilities.
However, on looking at benefits calculater and guides, apart from carers allowance which I already receive, it says I am not entitled to anything. I have no savings. Can anyone advice me if I can get any help.
Thank you.

I would have expected you to be entitled to some income related benefits, income support, universal credit or similar. Our CUK helplilne will be able to go through everything with you.
Is your son receiving everything he is entitled to?
PIP, ESA? Exemption from Council Tax due to severe mental impairment?
Have you made any plans for the time when you will no longer be able to care for him?

Hi Gillian & welcome

You have done really well to have managed this long. Hats off to you. The calculators as you know are only a guide. As no one really knows until all documents are processed. The outcome of any calculator can have variation’s.

As has be stated you should be able to apply at least income support. Having carers allowance you don’t have to seek employment. Although I guess you will be claiming under Universal Credit. Which will be slightly different. Do you rent or own your home.

As you are aware the state pension age had changed. So you have more years to wait. If your son was to leave home before you claim your state pension. It’s highly unlikely you will find another employment. While waiting to get your state pension. Do you have a private pension as this isn’t means tested for carers allowance.

Hi Gill and welcome

You can always call our helpline for advice on anything you may be entitled to:

0808 808 7777 from Monday to Friday, 9am – 6pm or by email

Best wishes