Newbie Carer Says Hi

Hi all,

I have spent a few years as a voluntary advisor in the consumer reclaim forums (PPI, CPP etc.) but I am now having to pack that in, as I have a wife and daughter who have both become ‘formally registered’ as disabled over the past few years - and I have needed to start taking advice instead of giving it. I hope that Karma will favour me ! :unsure:

We eventually got PIP for my wife after an initial travesty of an Atos assessment awarded her zero points - and that’s when I realised I was gonna need to get my rear in gear if we were gonna be battling with the DWP for the rest of our lives. I got Carer’s Allowance for her following the Reconsideration - and I damned well think I deserved it, if only for being the guy who did all the research & paperwork that was involved !!! :woohoo:

Next - our daughter who has learning disabilities and was receiving lower level DLA had to transfer to PIP when she reached 16. You guessed it - she got zero points - so we had to to a Mandatory Reconsideration for her, followed by an appeal, which finally got her the basic PIP lower level of both Daily Living and Mobility. Yay !!! :mrgreen:

By this time, I was getting the hang of it, and because my wife’s and my daughter’s disabilities were totally different, my wife qualified as my daughter’s Carer and was awarded Carer’s Allowance. I have now retired and am receiving State Pension & Pension Credit - so the Pension Credit has been reduced because of the CA that my wife and I are now both receiving, and in effect we now both receive the princely sum of £36 each per week for caring for ourselves.

Ne’ertheless, I count my blessings as I am still in reasonable health - but there will surely come a day when I need care and no longer can care for my wife who in turn cares for our daughter. So I need to look into this - and that’s why I’m here.

Hi Bill … welcome to the canteen … and to CarerLand … our world.

Others will be alone to extend their welcome … extremely quiet on the forum for the past few days.

Got over the initial shock ?

Entering our world does come with a huge price tag yet to be paid … in monies and health … and disbelief !

I’ll just mention a few of the basics.

Benefits and finances … all benefits being claimed ?

An online benefits calculator for that financial m.o.t.:

Housing … owner occupied … tenant … social or btl ?

If social , any problems down the line with " Succession ? "

On the caring side … upto to date Needs / Carers Assessments done through your local LA ?

Needs :
Getting a social care needs assessment - NHS

Carers :
Carer's assessment | Carers UK

" What happens when I’m gone ? " … a common question , especially for lone carers , but one that always tends to rise to the surface ?

There is no answer beyond one’s need to do all they can to lessen the impact … they will never know if they succeeded ?

Always bear in mind the most important person … you … a delicate balance ?

That should keep you going for a while.

Others will , no doubt , be along to help and advise on the caring side.

Hi Bill and welcome
The fact you have got this far with your sense of humour AND health intact bodes well. Sounds like you’ve already got a lot of relevent experience so do share where you can.


Thanks muchly and everso to Chris & Mrs A for your welcomes,

Yes as Chris suggests, it comes as a shock when you fall backwards through the doors into this ‘last chance saloon’ - and hope you’re in good hands ! Thanks for your listing of the various help avenues, Chris - “When I called out for another drink - the waiter brought a tray !” Bless you, guv’nor.

@ Mrs A - I’ve already ‘surfed’ a few of the disability forums to ‘get where I am today’ - and I have seen some desperately sad posts & threads - it’s like WW 1 out there in this present economic climate, innit ? So a bit of humour sometimes helps - if we can laugh with each other and not at each other - as so often happens on t’interweb.

As I have said, we’re actually doin’ alright at the moment - but every year seems to bring a new struggle, doesn’t it ? I do have a non-urgent issue with PIP-related CA, which I hope to post out there in the main forum soon - hopefully when I have got a couple of ongoing college bullying issues resolved for my learning-disabled daughter.

Maybe see you guys L8R down there on the ‘shop floor’ - and thanks again !


Your welcome , Bill.

Tray … not a keg ?

Mmmm … a Londonism … at least those have not quite died out yet even if most of us old folk got out when we could ?

Tin hat and Lee Enfield elsewhere ?

Even many without their daily can of bully beef !

On 'ere , one needs a nuclear bomb shelter at times !

Shop floor ?

That’s for workers … you’ll find us in the bargain basement … on £ 1.81 per hour at best !

Hah - cheers, Chris !

I guess you’re younger than me - I was quoting from that golden oldie “A Whiter Shade of Pale” - but indeed a keg or a large jug (with 2 straws for the laydeez) would have done me just fine. I’m a West Londoner myself, but my wife is the daughter of a genuwine EastEnder.

Ectually, old chap - we ‘emigrated’ to Bonnie Scotland in 1990 - and although we lost some friends, we wouldn’t (couldn’t) go back there to live. It’s a jungle there now, innit ?

I was in the ATC (KIds RAF Cadets) and fired a few .303 rounds at Pirbright back in the day. Precious memories - but I never got issued with a tin hat. I might need one in the years to come !

As for £1.81 in the Bargain Basement - THAT’s one of the issues I intend to post about in the Bargain Basement ! I suspect that it may have a thread or several devoted to it already - so I’ll probably be there later, if you come lookin’ for me !

Mmmmm … Route 66 beckons for me this Friday.

Long road that one … trouble is , seeing the end of it on that horizon !

West London ?

Me … spawned in Greenford , shipped out to Souff Tott’nam when 6 months old … new name , new manor.

Might 'ave landed up as a Ranger instead of an O.

Keep in touch Bill … plenty of room for cynics on this forum !

Greenford. I spent a while refilling fag machines up thereabouts. I spent a few years after that working in the burgeoning video industry from Highbury, then Enfield. I might even have been the barsteward who installed your TV before it blew up a week later !

See ya around, guv’nor !

Greenford ?

Only been back there once … 2001 … to see where I spent my first six months.

Trouble was , the rest of the manor was closed !