Hi Im New

My name is April. I have just dramatically reduced my hours at a job i love to care for my Mom, (5.5 hrs a week). The carers we good but I know I can help Mom much better… Well I was doing it anyway, even though she had carers. I am very worried about how I will cope with money. I dont know where to start with regards to what help there is for me or where I start.
I know I have done the right thing, but financially it is scary!

Hi April … welcome to an extremely quiet forum as I type.

To kick off , why not crunch some numbers through an online benefits calculator to ensure that everything available ouit there is being claimed ?


Anything interesting revealed ?

On the caring side , any areas we can assist with ?

Hi April, welcome to the forum.

Can I ask how old is mum, and what is the nature of her disability? What does she need help with?
Has she claimed Attendance Allowance? (assuming she is retirement age)

You mentioned she already had carers. Who funded them? How many hours a week?