I am caring for my wife for the last 30 years in that time I have managed to work and we have brought up 2 sons. I had to give up work last year to look after my wife and for the good of my own health. I get a small pension of 100 pounds a week and my carers allowance why does the the DWP and the council think this is more than enough to live on. I think the time has come for the unthinkable carers to go on a national strike. I bet the government and the council would do something about it.

Agree it’s not right.

However I know that the council and government would know that we would give in before they do.

We would not be able to leave our loved ones without support.

So what do we do keep listening to same old patronising crap we keep hearing your all doing a great job, your saving us billion of pounds but there’s no money in the kitty not even to give you a break once a year. We need it all so we can pay for our gold plated pensions :blush:.

Do you think you could be entitled to pension credit.

Sorry i have just turned 60 the point is if you give up work to become a full-time carer you should be better supported and not just keep getting pats on the back.


I totally agree. It us so unjust.

Pat’s on the back dont pay for Bill’s do they…or a good quality of life.

Has your wife had a Needs Assessment and been told what her Personal Budget was?
Do you receive any other benefits, like Housing Benefit?

Need assessment only give you help I am the full-time carer we have are own home and not a council home so we don’t get any money to pay for our home.

No. Your wife should have a Needs Assessment which looks at the help she needs regardless of who is caring for her. Then that has to be costed, and a Personal Budget calculated. Then there should be a discussion about how those needs can be met. She has a right to choose under the Care Act, and can choose you!
For example, say your wife needed 1 hour 3 times a day, that’s 21 hours a week @ £15 per hour, the average rate here. However, you would not receive £15 an hour, your wife would have to appoint a payroll service to pay you formally, to cover tax, pension etc. You might end up with £10 an hour, or £210 per week.
At this amount, you would lose your C A as your earnings would be over the C A ceiling of around 123 a week, If she reduced the amount you earned slightly, perhaps employed a cleaner as well, you would earn less and keep CA giving you an income of £180 a week.
This is just a very rough guide, and assumes you are not entitled to any other benefits at all. Start by getting the Needs Assessment and Carer’s Assessments done by Social Services. Then tal to the CUK helpline for exact figures and full details. I’m not sure how your pension affects things.

Nice to hear from you thanks for the the imfomation, I did think that if anyone was was careering for someone full tlme they couldn’t get this kind of support, and if what you say is correct that my wife can pay me this will be great, I have my carer Leeds meeting next week and I will ask and I will ring carers uk up to ask the questions, I did apply for universal credit but because I have 100 pounds a week private pension I am not entitled to it. Thanks.