Carers Benefits

Why can’t carers benefits closely reflect national living wage. I care full time and would love to work for my own sanity and financial wellbeing, but currently I find it tricky to balance care duties.

If I work due to universal credit and Carer’s allowance rules I would only be £11.82 every week better off before you loose it completely. If I was working full time and not caring I could earn an extra £254.32 a week. So why are Carer’s benefits so bad? How do they expect people to live? I have virtually no social life apart from the odd family visit.


Completely agree, Austin. 100%

The whole system is very unfair.

@Austin_2202 I asked our local MP for his opinion on Carer’s Support when he was holding an outdoor surgery. I followed up with a letter. He had promised to respond fully and write to teh Minister. I heard nothing so chased after about six weeks. Eventually got a reply saying he was SURE he had replied and would ‘dig out the letter and send me a copy’ (they had only taken my email address - although he does have my postal address from previous correspondence).

Another three weeks and nothing so I emailed again… That was two weeks ago and still no response. Of course Parliament in now on Summer Recess so all MP’s are on a nice long holiday - you know “holiday” that thing we all dream of when you get to switch off and relax away from your usual responsibilities… nah I don’t understand the concept either!

It shows the level of concern amount Government MPs. Mind you I will put money on him having to find a new job in a year’s time when the General Election takes place!

In the meantime we are left to bumble along and keep quite like good little Carers saving the State billions of pounds a year. If only WE could go on strike like the teachers, rail workers, doctors, and others. Maybe then someone would listen - but we won’t do it because WE CARE and will not leave our loved ones to suffer - and the Establishment knows it and exploits us because of our Love.

replaces the soap-box neatly in the corner and shuts up for a bit


There’s been much talk about accountability of MPs and Ministers over recent months. After a careful reading of the Code of Conduct for MPs and Ministers, I’ve come to an interesting conclusion: there are consequences for MPs (sometimes) for lying, taking bribes and misbehaving towards staff and others in Parliament (including the offices). There are no consequences for an MP who does nothing. The assumption seems to be that they’ll be booted out at the next election, which is by no means guaranteed, given the reputation of some MPs. It reminds me of the time my boss and I were part of a lobby of Parliament some years ago. A Leicester MP at the time spoke to her with such contempt and arrogance it was all I could do not to get myself arrested. He had no respect for anyone, other than himself.

I’ve often thought that to do an MP’s job properly is really hard work. And even then, it’s no harder than a carer’s, for a lot more money than a carer will ever see.


I agree wholeheartedly Charles. MP’s are not accountable to anyone except at an election (where you will find they promise the moon) unless sufficient Constituents are so incensed that they rise up and organise a “Recall” which I think requires 10% of the Electorate.

They have nice paid holidays and expense accounts - which even if they only claim the proper legal amount - can make their lives quite comfortable.

On the other hand when do Carers get a holiday? If you are not careful you lose Carer’s Allowance during your break and in addition it costs to find someone to step in to cover for you.

I often moan but I am one of the lucky ones. We do have some savings to fall back on and Graham is not as bad as many Carees so my lot is a ‘fairly easy one’. However, I do not have a social life. I do not go on holidays. I cannot just “take off” for the day when the sun is shining.

I would like to see some MPs become an ‘Undercover Boss’ where they experience first hand what two weeks are like for each of us. I bet there would be an immediate call in Parliament for an overhaul of provision for Carers. As I said above - we cannot go on strike and cause chaos to the Welfare State because we love our Carees and could not see them suffer.

Darn it - I thought I had put the soap-box away for a bit…

On with the day!!! Cleaning duties today after the barber has visited. Nice dog walk in the morning sunshine has set me up - I think - so now coffee and bagels to kick start.



Did you see

It only focused on unpaid carers for part of it, but did highlight some of the issues.

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No I wasn’t aware of that - I must watch the whole programme. Quickly looked at him being ‘hoisted’ and having moved my Mum around with a hoist it is quite ‘moving’ (no pun intended).

I hope the whole programmes turn out to be constructive and I await the interview with him to see what he has to say about things.

Could this POSSIBLY be the start of a politician actually taking note? Cynical me says no - but hopeful me is still there…

Chris, I’m not sure if the whole programme (there were two) are currently available or just the clips. It was on a while a go. We did have a thread about it.

Unfortunately Ed Balls is no longer a politician having gone down the route of a more lucrative celebrityhood !

Ed Davey (Lib Dems) is probably a better bet as he has advocated for Carers and the disabled previously.

@susieq Nice to have you back where you belong - in our midst!!

I was asked by CUK to join a panel talking to Ed Davey, but unfortunately G had a medical appointment on that day so I had to cry off. Not seen anything about it since, but maybe I haven’t looked in the right place.

There is the council issue of women being underpaid by councils for similar services to the men. In the news tonight 10/8/23. I Wounder if @carersuk578 Carer’s uk could challenge Carer’s benefits compared to people employed in similar roles and argue Carer’s are underpaid

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