Half Pay


Im.new to this forum Thanks for the add. Im 60 and been working privately as a carer for a family that have their own personal budget. I have worked for the family for 3.5 years. I work 20 hours per week tho sometimes i do more. The lady has gone into hospital last Wednesday. My question is about pay Does anyone know if i will go onto half pay or retainer pay ? I have asked the family and had limited respinses. Will i be entitled to any benefits ? Im worried i have rent and lots bills to pay. My hubby is 65 only works 5 hours per week from home and has prostate cancer. Thanks

One for your union to answer … Unison ?

Us 8.5 odd million family / kinship carers are not affected by such matters … as none of us are paid to care.

As for potential benefits which could be triggered , an online benefits calculator … ideal for " What if " scenarios :


HI Carol, welcome to the forum.

As the family have a Personal Budget, is that through NHS Continuing Healthcare or Social Services?
They should have given you a contract of employment, unless they used a Payroll Service or similar.
Either way, the issues of holiday, sick pay etc. is the responsibility of whoever paid you, whether they realise it or not!
Have you now been told in writing that you are not needed temporarily, or permanently?
So who actually paid you each week? Cash or into your bank account?
How long is the patient going to be in hospital?

I hope your husband is claiming DLA/AA/PIP?
Has he had a Needs Assessment from Social Services, and you, a Carers Assessment from SSD?
When my dad had prostate cancer I found the Prostate Cancer Charity helpline really helpful.


Thanks for the reply. The family get funding from social services. They use a company to do the payroll. Ive never had a contract despite asking for one. Not sure at the moment how long she will be in hospital had nothing in writing. Ive had no forms to fill in for my hubby. Sorry to seem dim but where would i get them from .



Ive never had a contract despite asking for one.

The initial key would be the written contract spelling out your terms and conditions of employment.

What has that got to say for itself ?

If silent … Unison ? … presuming that you are a member ?

Husband … benefits ?

First stage would be that trusty online benefits calculator.

All benefits / allowances available will be revealed.

Once any benefits / allowances are identified , insert name into an Internet search and … hey presto , full sp on that benefit … and … how to apply , many now online.

Did you have a set routine for hours, ie. 3 hours Monday to Friday?
I would suggest that you first asked the payroll company for a copy of your contract, in writing.
Don’t worry if you haven’t got one, because if there isn’t one, then a normal contract can be assumed. (A very long time ago I studied Employment Law at degree level).
Then Google ACAS and ask them for advice.
After all that, the position will be much clearer.

Has your husband had a Needs Assessment and been offered Direct Payments himself?
Maybe ask the LA on his behalf to send you details of how Direct Payments should work. There might even be something on their website.