Feeling awful cold or flu?

I am really run down at the moment, I am just exhausted and have a cold flu illness, really bad throat, nose running, stuffy head, eyes bad, body aching all over.
Taking all these remedys, throat medication, paracetamal, hot drinks just doesn’t seem to do anything.
I feel my health has been really damaged by caring.

Get well soon!


I’m afraid this is a reaction to your loss and months or years of caring, and associated stress. Take care of yourself. It will pass, lots of rest needed.

It’s hard to carry on caring when you feel so poorly. Rest as much as you can and only do what really needs doing. I hope you start to feel better soon. Make sure you drink plenty of fluids.


Eat a banana every day! It really does work. I read an article on the internet about bananas stopping you from getting colds and it really does work. Also make sure you have the flu jab every autumn.

It’s worth having some blood tests done at the GPs. I felt really dreadful for a long time after Mum died. Still have bouts of that ‘wet dishrag’ tiredness. However a blood test showed that I was drastically low on vitamin C. Had to have a couple of high doses and then GP told me to take daily from then on. You might be dangerously low on some vitamin or essential mineral too. Get it checked.

I have chronic health problems so get my vitamins checked and take supplements.
I have M.E. so maybe the death of my friend has triggered a flare up, I don’t know.
I am just exhausted, can’t sleep because coughing, resting drinking plenty that’s all I can do.

Again I have had no official caring support, I went to my doctor who has done nothing for both myself and my wife, no referrals despite both have chronic long term health conditions, we both have fibromyalgia, I was diagnosed with M.E. as well so I don’t know.

The doctor just seems to one of these I know everything and do nothing types, I won’t repeat what Mrs Brown said on her funny tv programme but its true.
Its my surgery I decide what happens, we pay for the NHS, so surely we should have a say.
Unpaid caring nothing to do with doctors, and your friend dying well that’s very unfortunate isn’t it.
I am just devastated, upset, and just have no one to talk to, no one who will help me.

And yes I do eat lots bananas, an energy food potassium.