Has anyone experienced anything like this and can you help

Hi to all Carers

I know that between us all we have a wealth of knowledge and experience and I wonder can you help?

In December I was given an antihistamine to help my allergy, that was causing over production of mucus that was then going down the back of my throat from my sinus’s.

I took one type for a month and then another type for two months, both didn’t help, so I was given a third one which after 8 days I awoke with a dreadful burning, itching, tight sensation all over my body.

The Dr did a blood test that day and then called me the next morning to explain that all the main test results had come back okay.

I explained that I hadn’t eaten anything different or changed soap or deodorant.

My thoughts were that I thought the tablets could have dehydrated me, so I explained that for the next two weeks that I would drink more water and cut out citrus fruits, use white Vaseline intensive cream instead of my usual yellow, which I moisturise with every day. I also said I would keep a diary and if things didn’t improve I would phone her back.

Six days on and I seemed to be doing quite well but last night I awoke with these dreadful sensations, it’s horrendous.

If any of you have experienced this, I would be most grateful for your feedback.

Thanks for listening.


I’ve always had sinus problems which erupt from time to time.
One second my nose is dry, then next streaming. As a result, I have tissues everywhere in the house, my pockets etc. etc.
I also have a very sensitive sense of taste. Even the mildest curry will bring me out in a sweat drinking cups of water!
I used to call my mum a “bloodhound” because she had such a good sense of smell, declaring things were “off” when we couldn’t smell it.
As I get older, there are some detergent products that really get up my nose. Recently I changed dishwasher tablets, to the newest Fairy product. I was in the kitchen and could really feel something upsetting my nose. It was these new Fairy tablets. They are now kept in a sealed Tupperware container. Could something like this have changed in your house since this last started?

I’ve seen an ENT specialist so nothing obviously wrong with my nose itself.

Your GP seems remarkably complacent about these latest symptoms.
If I was you, the nasal drip would be preferable to these effects, which sound really scary and worrying.
Ask your GP if it’s OK to give up taking the current tablets.
If the symptoms persist without your tablets, at least you will then know it is not them which are to blame.

Have you had a thyroid function test.

Hi bowlingbun

Thanks for sharing your experience with me, it’s always a help.

I had hay fever very badly whilst young it started after I had my eldest Son, it caused my nose to run, eyes swelling, face burning; dreadful. I was so unwell in 1980 that I had 2 injections in one year. I never took antihistamines due to their side affects. In the past 10 or so years it disappeared.

A year ago in Dec 2018 I had a cold type problem and after this I started with over production of mucus running down the back of my throat but no runny nose!

I saw an ENT Oct 2019 who prescribed various sprays non of which were any use. He did the usual camera down my throat to check everything and all was clear. He then did a number of blood tests even for my heart. The heart tests came back alright but in amongst the allergy tests I had a very high reading of silver birch and grass pollen in my blood. He gave me an antihistamine for a month then another for 2 months and they did nothing! When I took the 3rd I had severe side affects!

Now I know why I didn’t take them all them years ago! There are histamine receptors in your skin, that trigger it to produce oil. Antihistamines can slow skin oil production, making it dryer and itchy in the process. It states that caution needs to be taken when giving this medication to older people, I’m only 64.

Unfortunately after 8 days as you can see from my message above, I awoke in dreadful discomfort! I will never take antihistamines again. I’ve kept a diary and things have calmed down but I still get the odd day and night where it’s dreadful but not as bad as initially. I think that this is one that will take time and for my skin to return to it’s normal balance.

I’ve not taken those tablets for 27 days now but if it hasn’t fully gone within another 2 weeks or matters got worse, I will have to contact my Dr again.

My Husband wants me to speak to the Dr sooner but we have to be patient with these things.

I lost my sense of smell about 12 years ago and this affects my taste too. My younger Sister is exactly the same!

I’ve not changed anything in my home re detergents, soap, roll on, or anything at all.

I’m now still struggling with the overproduction of mucus running down the back of my throat. I will speak with a chemist as soon as all my side affects have gone and hopefully find a nasal spray that is suitable to myself and my problem.

I hope that yourself and family are all keeping well.

Kind regards

Hi Sunny disposition

Thank you also for taking the time to respond.

Yes, I had a thyroid test and that was fine.

I just hope my poor body settles soon and then I can try a nasal spray for my continuing problem.

I do hope that yourself and all of the family are well.

Kind regards

Thyroid function tests are done over a serious of times. As a person can test OK on any one individual test. Did you have more than one test.

Hi sunnydisposition

Thanks again for your response, I was unaware of this!

If this problem doesn’t settle within the next couple of weeks I will have a phone consultation with my Dr and I will mention this. My Sister and my Aunt on Mum’s side both have thyroid problems; my sister’s more severe.

I will update if and when I speak to my Dr.

kind regards

I have an under active thyroid which was originally misdiagnosed. Even though I am taking Levothyroxine. I have a really over sensitive nose. I also have a history of pollen. And allergy to dust mite and scent of any kind. I can get skin rashes from many products. I use gloves for all house hold cleaning. I use Faith In Nature which have nature products. Any product with Parabens should be avoided. As many people are allergic. Parabens are in many products.


There is a measurement use within UK counties( not everyone country is the same) . As to where your thyroid function levels measures are acceptable). You can ask to use thyroid tablets at a low level. Even if you blood test state no further action required.

Hi sunnydisposition

Thanks again for taking the time to reply, with so much information for my attention; it’s very much appreciated!

I will read over it later on.

Unfortunately our Dr’s aren’t very good as you can see by my other recent posts. My Husband always says that they haven’t looked after myself and our Son. In saying this we have little choice in the are where we live.

If and when I do speak with my Dr I will discuss all of the information that you have so kindly posted.

I hope that you can enjoy your weekend; at least the sun’s shining!

Kind regards

Here I am again to update anyone interested in this topic.

After 37 Days of hell, re all over burning hot, itching, prickly skin, I am now feeling physically and mentally exhausted to say the least. I have spoken to 2 Dr’s at my surgery and both couldn’t really help other than give another antihistamine or cream and that was it because they have seen the blood tests results and they are fine, so to them I’m okay!

My Son decided to do a bit of research and we were horrified by what we discovered; so many people in the same predicament as me with all the same side affects from taking CETIRIZINE (Allocan) one name amongst others.

One site with information described it as heroin like withdrawal symptoms. What most people are astounded by is that it doesn’t state that if you stop this medication that you’re going to suffer a whole range of symptoms that you didn’t have in the first place. When a person starts taking it again the symptoms go!!!

This medication is easily and readily available and is also given to children; this horrified me!

The FDA have been aware of this since 2008 and one of their last reports stating all of the above is on their site. Once again many people are astounded by this.

If this helps anyone then that is a good thing.