feeling overwhelmed

i’m currently trying to get some medication for anxiety and panic attacks, but have to do some additional tests to check my physical health (which is fine so idk what’s going on).

i can’t concentrate nor relax and everything annoys me and feels too loud/noisy/too hot or too cold. it happens only when i feel really stressed and my whole body hurts and i feel lightheaded and foggy a bit.

does anyone else deal with this too?

Patrick, you need to get away and rethink your caring role.
My husband DIED soon after his dad. Caring too much for too long is dangerous.

I clean the house. It makes me feel better to have a clean and tidy home, so even if life feels overwhelming in other ways, at least I can look round at a hoovered floor, fresh sheets, tidy surfaces and know I have this one thing under control. It’s also good to do something a little bit physical and mindless to help you relax.

Hey Patrick

Me too. I’ve had anxiety and panic attacks for years which are regulated through therapy and drugs. But recently my caring responsibilities have brought it on again. I’ve been feeling:

  • shaky

  • irritable

  • braindead

  • sick

  • sweaty

  • like I’m choking

These are all signs of stress.

You need to take some time out for you or you will burn out and be no good for the person you care for. Your local council should be able to help with a respite place if you need it.