Feeling quite depressed

Going through a tough time at the moment. My husband is about to undergo radiotherapy for cancer. He has multiple medical conditions and today I should have been with him for a pre-radiotherapy ct scan but am ill with a chest and urine infection so our daughter had to take him as he is unable to go on his own. I feel so guilty that she has lost a day’s pay and also lives 2 hours drive away. I am my husband’s carer but feeling so wretched and on antibiotics could not go with him.

Hugs Carol.

I too am on antibiotics at the moment, I picked up a bug and just can’t fight it off. I’m sure tiredness has a lot to do with it.
It’s tough being a carer, but I learned the hard way that when you are feeling exhausted, the sensible thing is to look after yourself for a few days, the housework can wait, most important is trying to get some rest and recharge your batteries.

Yes, good advice. My housework has been waiting for 2 years now :laughing:

Please don’t feel guilty that your adult independent daughter chose to take time off to support her Dad andyou.
Be grateful, and just concentrate on getting better. Your body is telling you that you are under too much stress


Hi Carol,
Sorry to hear that your husband is so poorly.
You should only feel guilty if you have deliberately done something wrong which you know in advance would hurt someone else. Hardly applies in this case does it? Your husband was supported by your daughter who you must allow to ‘do her bit’ for her dad and you. Accept help freely offered and be gracious, You do not have to shoulder everything if support is available.
It’s unfortunate that you are ill but it’s not your fault. You didn’t plan it. It’s also essential that you look after yourself or you will not be able to cope.
Take one day at a time and don’t put unnecessary pressure on yourself.
Hope all works out for you and your husband.