Esa not paid again

One of my carees phoned up frantic, her ESA hasn’t been paid, no money for anything, food bills.
I had to go around lend her some money and help phoning up the benefits.

We were on the phone for ages and it was a computer error, didn’t say sorry or anything not their fault its the computer.

I don’t think the benefits realise until people phone up and moan.

My ESA wasn’t paid last time either.

Myself and my care’s just don’t have any savings to fall back on, living week by week, if no benefits
we literally have no money.

What is going on?

Nothing really new … DWP’s interpretation of customer service.

Trouble is … most need them more than they need you.

Ohh London bound, more hassle and stress for you. Good job you were able to sort it out eventually.

They wouldn’t be so nonchalant I’m sure if the computer was forgetting to pay their wages!