Awarded Carers however in a mess


Right we applied for Carers 7 weeks ago and it has been awarded it. They also said it has been backdated for 21 weeks. Which worked out to £1412.25. But then said they don’t owe because something to do with my ESA. They are (I think) tiring to say they we have already had it in with my ESA? Iv added a photo of what they sent my wife and about fake dated payments and why they cannot pay it. But Iv looked at my ESA Award letter and I don’t think I am getting the severe disablement payment well not at the rate that I think they are talking about as I only get £180.50 per week and I’m going to also add a photo of that to this message. It’s just the way they are talking is that they are giving my wife the careers payment and then taking it all off of my ESA? Is that how it works. Because if so we would have never even applied for it. Any help or thoughts on the mater just to put my mind at rest please would be greatly appreciated

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Ring our CUK helpline for a formal explanation.
My understanding is that you can only receive one “income substitute” payment, i.e. either ESA or CA.

When did you last have a Carers Assessment from Social Services, and your caree, a Needs Assessment?
How old is your caree, and what disability do they have?

This may explain …

I don’t think people are always aware on the effects of claiming carers allowance. Of the effect on the person benefits they will be caring for.

If the person you are caring for gets a means-tested benefit they may lose their severe disability premium if you start claiming Carer’s Allowance (this does not apply if you are eligible but not receiving any money) or the Universal Credit Carer’s Element. For more information see disability premiums in benefits.

Due to the complexities of carers’ benefits, and the potential for it to have a detrimental effect on the benefit of the cared for person, we strongly advise you to seek further advice from a recognised advice agency before claiming Carer’s Allowance and the Carer’s Element of Universal Credit. Your local Age UK branch or CAB may be able to help, or for more information about advice agencies

From above web site

You could do an on line benefits calculator. Put details in with and without carers allowance. See if the totals match with your letters. The calculators are only a guide so don’t take as absolutely correct. Only the DWP can determine calculations as correct. But you can ask questions and challenge decisions.

Hi and thank you bowlingbun for your reply. I don’t know if I put it down right. But the Carers award letter is mine. And the the ESA Award letter is my husbands.

Also where you asked about Carers Assessment from Social Services Iv never had one my husband has had the team out and they have been around the house and fitted rails and handholds plus loo extensions and a bed rail. For him. He is 63 and has a multitude of problems both physically and mentally The physical range from angina from a heart attack and triple bypass that did not go to plan plus he has 3 of his lower vertebra that are crumbling. Also arthritis in his arms knees and feet high BP and high cholesterol and warfarin for life as susceptible to DVTs. And a list as long as your arm of medication which includes some pretty powerful painkillers at a high does age But to look at him sat on the chair he looks normal. However it’s when he starts to move it all starts to show. But it’s at night when his mental problems start to encroach on him and why he has a bed rail as he end up talking screaming and hitting out and kicking. It even got to him fighting with someone. As he rolled out of bed he said that he woke up when he hit the floor and had just remembered filling over with a person in a alteration it’s just a good job we had padded the floor. Don’t get me wrong it’s not all the time It may be ones every month or 2. He is under the pyiciatrist And he has said from his past history and events he has been through that he has PTSD Niether of us ever gave that a thought. Anyway I’m just rambling on so will say bye for now


PS. I also forgot he cannot get into the bath or reach far so I have to help with his washing and dressing I have to get him to come into the bath room as if left to his own devices he would be as he was 1 or even two weeks previous. Other than washing his hands every time he goes to the loo but that’s it period. People don’t understand what we have to go through behind 4 walls do they. Yes it’s hard at times and then very hard other times. Oh and I help sort out his tablets and give him then when They are due. As he forgets quite easily and regularly…:innocent:

You are entitled to a Carers Assessment form Social Services, and your husband should have a Needs Assessment. He may now be exempt from Council Tax if he is is having such violent episodes at night.
Is he getting highest PIP now, both for care and mobility. You deserve more help.

Thank you for your reply and words of encouragement. I will go into the assessment for him and see only he gets quite fed up with all of the assessments both for ESA and PIP. because his last pip assessment seamed to go really well and the young woman was nice to him but like I said in my last message well he had been worried about the face to face as he had heated and read some right horror stories. Any way for the last few days before it he could not sleep he was getting short with me he would nit have a wash comb his hair or change his cloths for the last few days before it which is ok for him as he cannot smell. So he was not in the best shape when he went in to the interview As I said the young lady was running late and she was pushing quite fast through the questions and my husband had to get up a couple of times because of the chair was hard and awkward and I had to help him get up and sit back down. Then when she did the exam of his arms and legs it was sill she had no sooner bent down and told him to push his legs forward and even before he moved his legs she sat up and said yes he has less power in his left leg. . We came out and waited. And when we got the award it was utterly ridiculous the things that woman put in her report. Such as he is well groomed and well kept and I did not see any problems when he rose from a char he was polite and had eye to eye contact whilst talking and I found his movements quite good overhaul and said I therefore cannot award pip to this man. However this had been overridden by the decision maker. And had given my low care and full mobility. With was better than my DLA where I was receiving low care and full mobility So I can understand him not liking face to face because that nice young woman lied through her teeth…

Sorry for that long winded essay. But I rang ESA this morning and confirmed that they take it all off me but he should be awarded the Carers Component?.

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When I had a DLA Mobility assessment the doctor was incredibly rude and afterwards wrote a load of garbage. I said I could only just walk from the disabled car park into Waitrose, and even using a trolley couldn’t walk right round the shop, and was almost crying with pain in the queue for the till. He wrote that as the disabled car park was 300 yards away (it’s less than 10 feet from the shop!) I didn’t qualify.
I complained, and told the person in charge of adjudication, gave him details of my working history, and said this doctor was so dreadful he should never EVER work for them again. The decision was reversed. Revenge is a dish best served cold. Without disabled people none of these assessors would have a job. They are required to be honest and truthful. If they are not, they should be reported!

Apparently there are quite a few of them that are dishonest which spoils it for the good ones out there as they get tarred with the same brush. And on the other hand nothing to do with this but there are that many nurses and doctors working their fingers to the bone and risking their own health and even lives dealing with the current pandemic. Chalk and cheese don’t even cone close


I did mean to ask something when you bought me and him having assessments. From the social services. Only we live in a council property but there is only a bath with shower over it. He thinks he could use a shower if he could get into on as at the moment he cannot get his legs over the bath and it would be to dangerous as it is slippy. But like I said he could do with a walk in shower and I’m not sure how we would go about trying to get permission and so much towards one if that is possible?

Thank you Catherine

There is a much simpler solution, a rise and fall bath seat, I think mum’s was made b a company called Archimedes. Supplied free by Social Services. You need more help, why not ring and explain that you are struggling, and I suspect very tired?

Catherine you can either contact and make a Self referral for an O/T. And/or contact the council’s who have O/T’S as well. And ask for a home equipment assessment. Ask for a equipment and adaptations home assessment.

Some adaptations are means tested i.e. to put in a wet floor/shower. However, there can be council grants available. My moto is if you don’t ask you don’t know and you don’t get.

Hello again

Just a quick update. My husband (whose account this is. Or should I say he made it) rang the local unemployed workers Center as we have always had help from them when it comes round to face to face and form filling in time. He explained as I did in the IM and she told him in this situation the ESA payments office should add a extra payment on to his ESA after they have taken off the Carers allowance. Which is called the Carers premium… And told him to ring ESA Office.

Which he did and explained it all again. The lady checked his ESA and said nothing is showing up about the Carers award so told him she would contact who ever she needed Toby email and explain it all and they would ring him back within 72 hours. They rang him back the following day and explained that they had sorted it out and everything was now how it should be. In that I would be getting the Carers allowance weekly and that would be deducted from his EAS and just over £37 per week would be added to his ESA WHich is as I said called The Carer’s Premium. So in effect we are actually just over £37 a week better off.

The lady at the ESA department said it’s a long way round to do it all. Also it can and has resulted in quite substantial overpayments to claimants thinking that because they had been awarded CA that it was all sorted and not rang them to explain they was now in receipt of it and they had gone on receiving the full ESA And ended with the overpayments… she also said she could see where the CA had been allowed from July.

However as to any back payments the lady was unsure as to how much if any at all would be allowed. So we are Just not expecting any.

Me and my quick notes :hugs:

Best regards Catherine